"For the Love of Ray J"…….Is the a sequel in the works?

So the Ray J ladies met up once again! The reunion was OK nothing too exciting maybe a little boring. Makes me question are we use to getting all excited about the fighting,.. screaming and hollering. Maybe the chicks of the “Flavor of love” and the “Rock of love” got us spoiled for DRAMA!

The first thing that stood out,…was a few of the ladies got new looks. Danger’s hair was a different color,…Unique’s was also a different color and a very different height and Cashmere looked a little different too,…. both of her twins were sitting out! Can you say,…”Cleavage….Cleavage….Cleavage”!

La-La was the host. Guess she’s the official reunion M-C. She looked slightly annoyed, bored and sick of the whole thing . Guess if you’ve done one reality reunion you’ve done them all.

Only a few of the popular girls came down and took a seat on the couch with Ray J.

First up was Stilts,….Ray J confronted her for coming on the show while she was legally married. She basically said she was testing the waters. Checking to see if she made the right pick or was there someone else out there to make her happy. Her conversation made no sense at all. What I believe is she wanted to become famous and get her face on TV !

Next up,…Caviar! Who had the most memorable cast off,…” Caviar,..you have to get your S*#%! and get the F#@*! out of my house.”
Of course, Ray blasted her for coming on the show and calling her FRIEND Larry over and over again. As always it was quite difficult to understand her heavy German accent. Caviar claimed she didn’t do much talking because she just wanted to show Ray how she felt,..not talk about it. But, he complained it was only done when she thought he was giving her the boot.

As for Chicago Larry he was there in full effect! A slender man,.. who I would never let manage any career of mine! However, he was cool and thankful to Ray J for not going on TV and blasting him,… ending his artist management career,…instead Ray help to boost his clientele.

Then there was the lovely Chardonnay,…who I believe,… we will see looking for some love of her own.
……She was the most believable of them all. Chardonnay was love sick and hurt about being dismissed and hearing those horrible words. “I love you as a “FRIEND”. She cried and let it be known that she will always be there for Ray J whether it be for friendship or for love.

Danger…. Danger…. Danger,…talked to the camera the whole time. Nothing she said seemed genuine to me. She is definitely feeling her stardom.One funny thing when asked if she thought the girls didn’t like her because of jealousy,…Unique busted out ,..”Never jealous of her! Danger interrupts,..” I was a big fan of yours,… didn’t you play in the Wiz?”. That was funny because,..like I said before Unique’s hair reached a new height, much like a lion’s mane! Unique hit back,..”Well at least I wasn’t a paid prostitute!”. That rumor has indeed been verified. Danger admitted it herself.

Danger also talked about rumors of being pregnant. She admits she thought she was but it was a false alarm. BUT RAY J never,.. never,… ever denied. So you mean to tell me he was actually having sex with these girls CONDOMLESSS!!!! What the HELL!!!!!!

Now here’s Unique….looking a bit slimmer and still like a sexy librarian or bible school teacher. She was true to form,… arrogant,…non-chalant and trying to appear in control. Ray J said he knew she was manipulative but he enjoyed it. Saying,… she was so good girls were eliminating themselves.

That brings Cashmere to the forefront. She was irritated because,..she was a good friend to Unique and watching the show she realize Unique was not her friend. Unique apologized and said she never went out to hurt her.
Cashmere not feeling her apology saying she see her for what she is and then hits Unique below the belt saying,…Besides your fake,…and your bi-sexual!”” WOW!!!

Of course you know,..that brought joy to Ray J’s eyes. He was excited saying,…” Why did you say something we could have lots of fun!” Unique denied…denied denied!

Lastly the winner Cocktail and Ray J were reunited. She was so happy to see him but, his eyes told a different story. He claimed she was the realist of them all and he had some sort of connection. Cocktail was a snitch during the whole show. She told on everyone to get them out of the house. I guess that made a pretty big impression on him. He believes that she will have his back and will always be there for him.

If you asked me,..I think there will be a” For the Love of Ray J 2″. She is not his type. Cocktail maybe a sweet girl but , I don’t think she is strong enough for him or his lifestyle. If she’s really in love with Ray I think she will get her heart broken!


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